Hire With Confidence With Our Pre-Employment Screening Services.

Garcia & Associates offers a comprehensive menu of background checks and verification services to help you screen job applicants and avoid unpleasant surprises after hiring.

You can select these services individually, a la carte, or have our screening experts design a custom program that’s right for you.

To provide a minimum level of due diligence to protect your business, we recommend a basic package of services:

Criminal History Report:
With our network of researchers, we access the most current information available and report felony and misdemeanor convictions.

Social Security Verification:
Confirming correct names and Social Security Numbers on W-2 forms is critical for accurate processing of annual wage reports and for
properly crediting employees’ earnings records.

Motor Vehicle History Report:
A check of driving records can alert you to problem behaviors that may or may not impact on job performance.

Prior Employment Tracking:
We’re talking about more than a resume and two references. We provide a comprehensive, cost-effective Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant employment check.


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